Ruffa Gutierrez Opens Up About Forgiving Yilmas Bektas

Here are some confessions of Ruffa Gutierrez in new Vicki Belo vlog.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Famous actress Ruffa Gutierrez speaks about forgiveness, has she forgiven her former husband already?

Married in 2003 but got separated in 2007. This is what happened to Ruffa Gutierrez and her former husband Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. Being married to him turned out a traumatic experience for her and many people are probably aware of what happened.

They have two daughters, Lorin and Venice, who just recently got reunited with their father in Instanbul after 15 years of being away from him. It was a bitter-sweet reunion and after several cancelations, it finally happened. As for Ruffa, she allowed it to happen finally after feeling at peace despite what happened many years ago.

It took a long time but she was glad it did happen and it happened just naturally. And speaking about forgiveness, in the latest video of her close friend beauty mogul Vicki Belo, she shared that she has already forgiven him.

She has already forgiven her ex-husband “a long time ago” already. She’s not fearful anymore about something because if she is, she wouldn’t have sent her daughters to Istanbul without her.

“If I was fearful, then I wouldn’t send them. I sent Lorin and Venice on their own to Istanbul. I feel pretty light about it. I prayed about it and I said ‘God, if this is the right timing that Lorin and Venice should reunite with Yilmaz, give me a sign’. And I think the sign is just being comfortable, being light, being at peace,” she expressed.

The comfort, sign, and peace she felt about that time are the signs she took to let them. She believes they deserve a father and she wouldn’t want to take that chance away from them.

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