Leon Barretto’s Viral Open Letter Elicits Reaction From Lorin Bektas, Sam Cruz

LORIN GUTIERREZ – The viral open letter of content creator Leon Barretto elicited a reaction from Lorin Bektas, the daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, and Sam Cruz, the daughter of Sunshine Cruz.

Leon Barreto has been making quite a buzz on social media after his open letter was published on Instagram. He began his open letter by extending his apologies for not greeting his estranged father Dennis Padilla on Father’s Day.

The 19-year-old content creator disclosed how Dennis’ relationship with him and his siblings Julia Barretto and Claudia Barretto. He noted how the actor allegedly would publicize his own sentiments and would try to gain public sympathy.

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Leon Barretto also pointed out how his father traumatizes them by “shouting, cursing, and using hurtful words” whenever they try to resolve their problems. He then said that the words of his dad have the “power to destroy his children”

The young celebrity also claimed that Dennis has been giving false narratives, which actually hurt his siblings. He concluded his emotional open letter by expressing his hopes for the day his Father’s Day greeting to Dennis “comes from a place of gratitude and healing.”

In a previous article, the veteran actor responded to Leon’s open letter via social media. He showed a handwritten letter with excerpts from “Letters to my Son” by Kent Nerburn. He did not mention any names in his post.

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Leon Barretto received support from several celebrities including Samantha Cruz, the daughter of Sunshine Cruz, and Lorin Gutierrez, the daughter of Ruffa. Both girls had their own personal struggles with their relationships with their respective dads, but which have already healed.

Lorin told Marjorie’s unico hijo that she loves him so much, and Samantha likewise told Leon that she loves him so much.

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