Julia Barretto On Bashing: ‘I lived with criticism my entire life’

Julia Barretto is not a newbie when it comes to criticisms

Actress Julia Barretto said that she has been dealing with criticisms since she was younger and this is how she handles the negative comments about her.

Julia comes from a family of popular showbiz personalities and because of this, at a young age, she has been exposed in the situation in the entertainment industry.

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Just like many celebrities, Julia is not exempted from bashings. Based on the article in gmanetwork.com, during a recent webinar about mental and physical health, the actress shared that criticisms have been part of her life since her younger years.

“Well, you know, it’s something that I grew up with. I lived with criticism my entire life. I wouldn’t say that now I’m immune to it,” she said.

However, Julia Barretto stressed that “it’s something you’ll ever be immune to.” On the other hand, she said that she has become wiser on how to handle it.


When asked how she handles bashings, the actress said that it is important to compartmentalize the things that matter to her. “So, you know, when it’s the criticism from people I don’t know and who don’t know me, and don’t play a significant role in my life, it’s easier to shrug off and not worry about,” she explained.

Julia Barretto added that the criticisms that are important to her are those coming from her family and the people within her circle. She entertains those constructive criticisms and not those that are meant to bring her down.

When it comes to her physical well-being, the actress admitted that she is a big pilates fan. This activity is keeping her healthy and fit.

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