Online Group Offering Assignment for Sale Caught by Teacher

A teacher caught several online groups offering academic to services to help the students pass from their class.

The senior high school and college lecturer identified as Dencio wonders why some of his students did not comply with the format he had given and could not answer his questions during the final thesis defense.

One of informants informed the teacher that the student sought help from an online group and let them wrote the thesis paper in exchange of money. The students admitted that they could not understand the lesson and could not complete the research on time.

Online Group

The teacher told the students to revise the thesis and they were still able to finish it and graduated. However, it was not Denco’s first time to encounter a writer for hire because another student hired someone to answer its homework.

The professor decided to stalk online groups offering services to the students such as writing thesis, essay and homework in exchange of cash. He secretly joined and monitor students who were asking for the group’s services.

According to Denco, the group’s writers were working students who just wanted to earn money and help their families.

The Department of Education has already reported various groups and pages offering assignments for hire to Facebook. Unfortunately, there are still several individuals offering similar services to the students.

DepEd assumed that the massive work load given by teachers to the students was the primary reason why students are seeking help from those groups. The agency advised teachers to make students rewrite the assignments if ever caught engaging to such activities.

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