Viral Teacher’s Son Responds to Criticism Amid Controversy

Viral Teacher's Son

Viral Teacher’s Son Receives Various Reactions Online After Responding to Criticism Against His Father The teacher’s son responded to the controversy to address the criticisms that his father received from the online community. The viral video of a teacher disciplining a student in an appropriate manner has earned various reactions online, with the teacher’s son … Read more

Teacher Shares Ukay-Ukay Success Story, Inspires Many Netizens


Lady Teacher Inspires Netizens After Sharing Ukay-Ukay Success Story A hardworking teacher has shared the success story of her ukay-ukay business on social media and inspired many netizens. Facebook user Marj Maguad, a dedicated teacher, shared her journey of establishing an ukay-ukay business alongside her teaching career. The post quickly circulated on social media and … Read more

Cebu Teacher Kicks Grade 8 Student in Classroom

Cebu Teacher

Cebu Teacher Now Under Investigation After Kicking Grade 8 Student A Cebu teacher faces a massive amount of criticism online for pulling then kicking a grade student in class. A 14-year-old student in Cebu experienced a distressing incident when his teacher allegedly pulled and kicked him in front of his classmates. The entire incident was … Read more

Teacher Tweaks Grade 3 Student’s Hair Due to Low Test Score


Grade 3 Student Suffers Scar After Assaulted by Teacher CHILD ABUSE – A Grade 3 student suffered a scar to the head after their class teacher assaulted him due to a low test score. The concept of teachers harming pupils in an educational setting where trust, safety, and mentorship are both alarming and distressing. Teachers … Read more

Teacher Expresses Sorrow Over State of Current Generation


Male Teacher Expresses Sorrow Over State of Current Generation A male teacher goes viral and elicits reactions online after expressing sorrow over the state of current generation. The Facebook account “Pahina ni Henry” shared his frustration and disappointment with his students. The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from netizens. The educator’s message … Read more

Female Student Falls In Love w/ Her Teacher “ipinaglaban ko talaga siya”

Female Student

Female Student Falls In Love w/ Her Teacher A female student goes viral and elicits reactions after marrying her high school teacher, saying, “ipinaglaban ko talaga siya.” The Facebook page “Pilipinas” shared the story of an anonymous student who fell in love with her teacher. The story began way back in school when he was … Read more

Teacher Accidentally Pokes Grade 5 Student’s Head w/ Pen


Grade 5 Student Injured as Teacher Accidentally Pokes Head with Pen A teacher in Sagay, Negros Occidental accidentally poked the head of a grade five student during a reading session. Teachers introduce us to new subjects, help us understand difficult concepts, and encourage us to explore the world of knowledge. They work hard to create … Read more

Teacher Files Early Retirement Due to Behavior of Students


A female teacher filed an early retirement due to the behavior of her students, leading her to lose hope for their future. A Grade 2 teacher exerts effort to create an interactive learning environment inside the classroom but her students were indifferent. The educator observed a growing disrespect among the children.