DepEd Furious With “Online Kopyahan” Facebook Group

DepEd Alarmed & Furious With FB Group “Online Kopyahan”

ONLINE KOPYAHAN – The Department of Education (DepEd) was furious with the popular Facebook Group “Online Kopyahan”.

Due to the pandemic, the Philippines shifted its learning system toward distance learning. Now, students do a mix of modules and online classes.

However, this opened more opportunities for students to cheat their way through most of the activities and tests. But, the scale of cheating amidst the new learning system had only been uncovered recently.

DepEd Furious With "Online Kopyahan" Facebook Group

The Facebook group “Online Kopyahan” became a venue for students to share and asks for answers for modules. Furthermore, since the modules are mostly standardized, students have an easier time sharing key answers.

Unfortunately, the original group that had over 600K members had become private due to pressure from authorities. Still, a new group with almost 100k members called “Online Kopyahan(2)” is trying to take the reigns of its predecessor.

Meanwhile, the DepEd Chief Leonor Briones herself said that the presence of such groups is highly alarming. As such, during a public briefing, she was seen furious as she addressed the issue.

Based on a report from Ulat ng Bayan, Briones said:

“We will not stop at justifying it and saying that it exists. we will take steps and we are already in touch with the proper authorities because we will not tolerate it, at least in education”.

On the other hand, the President of a local teachers’ group said that online cheating stems from a “flawed system”. He argued that DepEd should address why students treat education as a burden instead of an opportunity to learn.

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