Senior Citizen Rider Passes Away Due to Motorcycle Accident in Makati

72-Year-Old Senior Citizen Rider Dies After Suffering Serious Injuries from Motorcycle Accident in Makati

A senior citizen rider has passed away after suffering wounds and serious injuries on a motorcycle accident in Makati City.

A 72-year-old motorcycle rider died after colliding with another motorcycle at a merging road or ‘pasangang kalsada’ along Barangay Olympia, Makati. The senior citizen suffered serious injuries, which leads to its untimely death.

The CCTV camera caught the motorcycle rider identified as Romeo Bautista while crossing from Trabajo Street heading to Obrero around 7:30 pm. The elderly man was in the middle of the road when he was rammed by a rushing motocycle.

Senior Citizen Rider

The other motorcycle rider has been identified Oliver Corros. The 26-year-old rider and the senior citizen sent pummeling on the ground after colliding to each other. The two riders were not wearing their helmet during the incident.

Corros was able to stand up after suffering bruises on his face and wounds on his nose and mouth. According to the rescue team and police report, Corros who is a residents of Barangay Olympia was drunk during that time.

Meanwhile, Bautista lost his consciousness after hitting the back portion of his head on the ground. The elderly man regained his consciousness at the hospital but eventually passed away because of his injuries.

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Bautista’s family immediately reported the death of the victim to the police authorities. The barangay officials reported that the merging road is an accident-prone area for having no traffic light.

The barangay officials are planning to paint a yellow box markings at the crossing area to help motorists notice the pedestrians. Bautista’s family refused to give a statement regarding the incident and asked for privacy.

Senior Citizen Rider

The victim’s family would continue to file charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and damage to property against Corros. Currently, Oliver has been detained at Makati City Police Station headquarters.

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