Honest Cop Couple Returns Lost Bag w/ P20k to Respective Owner

Honest Cop Couple Earns Praises Online For Returning Lost Bag w/ P20k to Respective Owner

BALER, AURORA – An honest cop couple has returned a lost bag they have found to its respective owner and earned praises online.

Honesty is considered as the best policy and some famous quotes indicate its importance when it comes to humanity. Loyalty and honesty are very important to a job of a certain person in order to perform their task properly.

Unfortunately, many people have been neglecting honesty and let selfishness reigns due to extreme poverty. Luckily, some people remain honest and proved that the faith in humanity remains alive.

Honest Cop Couple

Two police officers from Baler Police Station earned praises and admiration from the Filipino people after returning a lost bag containing P20, 000. The cops returned it to the owner without any hesitation.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) identified the cops as Police Corporal Chester Alibin from Aurora Police Provincial Office and Police Corporal Lynette Reynoso-Alibin who was assigned at Baler Police Station.

The couple found the bag around 2:00 pm on Thursday (October 23, 2021). They have found the bag along Barangay Pingit in Baler, Aurora after it was accidentally left by the owner.

Honest Cop Couple

The cops opened the bag and got surprised after they found the wallet containing P20, 069 and several identifications cards. They immediately contacted the owner to return the bag.

PNP chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar lauded the cop couple for showing an act of honesty.

“Saludo ako sa mag-asawang pulis na ito na naging tapat at ginawa ang tama sa kabila ng hirap na dinaranas nating lahat ngayong pandemya. Sana ay tularan sila ng iba pa sa ating hanay,” Eleazar said.

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