This is the year when Toni Gonzaga admitted she found it to be difficult the most.

TONI GONZAGA – Kapamilya actress and host, Toni Gonzaga, shares the year that is most difficult for her after marrying Paul Soriano.

For almost six years now, Toni Gonzaga has been married to Paul Soriano and their marriage is among the few showbiz marriages that many people admire. The actress and the director have a four-year-old son and they are not shutting their doors to the possibility of having a second baby.

And throughout their marriage, the first year, for Toni, was the most difficult. She opened up about this during an interview with Matteo Guidicelli. Accordingly, the first was her phase of adjustment from being a single woman to a married woman. She has lived with her parents for 30 years and shifting to start running her own household with her husband was a whole lot of a new thing for her.

During their first year, she had a hard time adjusting her system because she is so attached to her parents. She expressed, “Kasi I thought when I left my house, I already left. But no… My mind, my emotions were all still living with my parents because for 30 years I’ve lived with them. Programmed na ‘yung buong katawan mo na ito ‘yung katawan ko, ito ‘yung system ko.”

She added, “So for the first year of our marriage, I would always consult my parents. I would always run to them for advice.”

But later on, it dawned on her that she is now someone’s wife. She and her husband are now one and with respect and love for her parents, she learned that there should be a boundary. Several adjustments were made which were hard at fust but all of them were able to embrace such changes.

Another thing she can’t easily accept before was submitting to her husband because that’s the way she was taught to be. She’s an alpha female and has a dominant personality the reason why she had a hard time grasping this idea but she also learned along the way that submitting is not worshipping and bowing down to him.

She learned that the submission of the wife is through honoring your husband’s decision and letting him lead the household and take the lead. The wife is the light and stressed that they should be. Submission is allowing her husband to lead and she, together with him, will be the light.

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