Toni Gonzaga Receives Birthday Video Greeting From Bongbong Marcos

Toni Gonzaga, Bongbong Marcos

President Bongbong Marcos’ Birthday Greeting To Toni Gonzaga TONI GONZAGA – Actress-singer Toni Gonzaga received a birthday video greeting from President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga is a well-known Marcos supporter. She was the star of the majority of his campaign events and delighted the crowd by performing cover versions of … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Concert: Andrew E. Posts Video Of Crowd

Toni Gonzaga Concert

Sold out? Here are some snaps at the concert of Toni Gonzaga including some videos. TONI GONZAGA CONCERT – Andrew E. shares a video during the Toni Gonzaga concert and here are some snaps before and during the event. “I Am Toni” is the 20th-anniversary concert of Toni Gonzaga held on January 20 which was … Read more

Toni Gonzaga: Ahead Concert, #PaalamToniGonzaga Trends Online

Toni Gonzaga

Some netizens made #PaalamToniGonzaga trending online ahead concert of Toni Gonzaga on her birthday. TONI GONZAGA – Bashers going overboard? Currently trending online is #PaalamToniGonzaga ahead of the start of her concert. Way too much? Too disrespectful? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Toni Gonzaga-Soriano (@celestinegonzaga) Under scrutiny and remained controversial since … Read more

Paul Soriano Bashed, Ogie Diaz Says “Pairalin Pagiging Humble”

Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga

This is what Ogie Diaz said amid bashing against Paul Soriano following his claims about his film. PAUL SORIANO – Film director Paul Soriano faces critical comments and Ogie Diaz said something amid the bashing. In a previous article, the film director and appointed Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications received some bashing due to his … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Concert Tickets Issue, Ogie Diaz Shares Thoughts

Toni Gonzaga

This is what Ogie Diaz said about the stories going around regarding Toni Gonzaga and her upcoming concert. TONI GONZAGA – Multi-awarded artist Toni Gonzaga has an upcoming concert and Ogie Diaz has these thoughts about the issues surrounding it. In a previous article, multimedia artist Toni Gonzaga will be celebrating her 20th year in the … Read more

Paul Soriano On Why Some PH Films Are “Flop”, Out Of Cinemas

Paul Soriano

Here’s the reason why some PH films are not striving in cinemas as per Paul Soriano, “My Teacher” director. PAUL SORIANO – Film director Paul Soriano speaks about Philippine movies that are not striving in the cinemas. Pres. Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications is film director Paul Soriano. The film director is an … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Film “My Teacher” Low Ticket Sales, Cristy Fermin Says Something

Toni Gonzaga

Where did the millions of followers of Toni Gonzaga go? Cristy Fermin shares her observation. TONI GONZAGA – Cristy Fermin shares her thoughts about the low ticket sales of Toni Gonzaga’s MMFF 2022 film “My Teacher”. “My Teacher” is a 2022 family drama film starring Joey de Leon, Toni Gonzaga, Ronnie Alonte, and Loisa Andalio. The film … Read more

Toni Gonzaga “Na-Awkward”? Woman Screams “Sabay-Sabay” At Her

Toni Gonzaga

“Sabay-sabay!” This is the reaction of Toni Gonzaga when someone from the crown shouted this. TONI GONZAGA – Actress and television host Toni Gonzaga has this reaction after being screamed at “sabay-sabay!” during MMFF 2022 parade. Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga and her husband Paul Soriano were the leading personalities of the rallies of President Bongbong Marcos … Read more