Alex Gonzaga Success: How Does It Affect Toni Gonzaga?

Toni Gonzaga speaks about Alex Gonzaga and her successful life now.

ALEX GONZAGA – Toni Gonzaga answers if she feels any insecure about the huge success of her sister Alex Gonzaga after doing YouTube vlogging.

One of the biggest personalities on Youtube is Alex Gonzaga who instantly blew up after her first vlog. To recall, the first-ever vlog she has done was with her sister Toni Gonzaga where she did her signature “Brownie Makeup” look to her. Through that vlog, people learned to love her and her humor, and in a previous article, Toni expressed that she’s happy how her sister found a channel where she can be herself unapologetically.

Their first vlog together has over 2 million views already and that is where it all started. And in the latest vlog of Wil Dasovich, he asked Toni if she has ever felt any insecurity of her sister. In full honesty, Toni shook her head and answered ‘never’. She never felt anything bad about the success of her sister because she actually loved it and proud that she became a part of it.

For everyone to know, she can only do such a thing for her sister alone. It will only be her sister that she will allow to use her as a stepping stone to rise up. Toni admitted that she also gets insecure with other artists or colleagues but there was never a time that she felt a hint of insecurity with her sister.

They grew up sharing with each other whatever they have and their parents also taught them the value of loving each other and never make an enemy out of each other. Toni shared, “My parents always tell us na ‘If there’s one person na hindi mo dapat magiging kaaway sa mundo that is your sibling, that is your sister. Okay lang na kaaway mo silang lahat, wag lang kapatid mo.’ Yung lang.”

See the inspiring confessions of Toni below:


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