Pinay Architect Scammed by Employer Now Earns 7 Digits Per Month

Pinay Architect Now Earns 7 Digits Per Month After Employer Did Not Pay Her Salary for 1 Year

A Pinay architect who has been scammed by her employer in Brunei goes freelance online and now earning seven figures a month.

The female licensed architect named Joannes Paula “JP” Espino completed a degree in architecture from the University of Sto. Tomas and earn a degree in teaching profession from the Philippine Normal University.

Paula revealed that her employer did not pay her salary for an entire year but it also served as a blessing in disguise. She filed a case against her foreign employer, which left her no choice but to return to the Philippines while the case was pending.

Pinay Architect

Espino decided to work online to earn money and just started to charge $5 per project during her early days of freelancing. Eventually, the former OFW shifted to multiple business opportunities and started to earn seven digits a month.

“Because of that, the only way I could earn was to work online, which was what I did. It (labor case) turned out to be a blessing in disguise as that (freelancing) became my turning point. From earning just $5 per project (during the early days of freelancing online), I have now transitioned to multiple business opportunities that generate up to seven figures a month (in pesos),” Espino said.

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Pinay Architect

Joannes calls herself “The Digital Architect” and starts to help other architects to shift their businesses to online projects. She also got her unpaid salary from her employer.

Pinay Architect

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