Job Applicant Asking About Salary Receives Inappropriate Response From Digital Creator

Job Applicant

A digital creator received negative reactions from the netizens due to her inappropriate response to a job applicant inquiring about salary. Daisy Borja faces backlash after criticizing a job applicant asking about the salary instead of submitting the required documents. The businesswoman went on to explain that she didn’t want to waste time dealing with … Read more

Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer

Elderly Worker

Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer An elderly worker, along with his colleagues, spent Christmas at the Ceres bus terminal in Iloilo after they were allegedly abandoned by their employer. Maxine Louise Feranil, a Facebook user, shared the story of an elderly worker named Allan Lachica and 16 other laborers … Read more

Blindness of Household Helper Blamed on Employer Abuse in Occidental Mindoro

Household Helper

Household Helper Suffers Severe Injuries Due to Abusive Employers in Occidental Mindoro The alleged blindness of a female household helper has been attributed to her abusive employer in Occidental Mindoro. Elvie Vergara, a 44-year-old domestic helper, was purportedly subjected to relentless abuse by her employers, which is said to have led to her alleged blindness. … Read more

Employer Takes Newborn Baby of Her Employee from Hospital

Employer Caught Taking Newborn Baby of Her Employee from a Hospital in Angeles City A lady employer was caught on camera taking the newborn baby of her employee from a hospital in Angeles City, Pampanga. Authorities apprehended a woman after she reportedly whisked away her employee’s newborn infant at a hospital in Pampanga. According to … Read more

Senior Citizen Employer Kills Housemaid; Throws Body on Street

Senior Citizen Employer Arrested After She Kills Housemaid and Left Her Body on the Street Police authorities arrested a senior citizen employer after she allegedly kills a housemaid and left the body on the street. Last Sunday in Davao City, a 70-year-old woman allegedly murdered her house servant and dumped the victim’s body on the … Read more

Lady Customer Shows Kindness Towards Saleslady Who Accidentally Broke Merchandise

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Earns Praises After Showing Kindness Towards Saleslady A lady customer earns praise online after showing kindness towards a saleslady who accidentally broke merchandise. In a heartwarming incident at a local mall, netizens were deeply moved by the compassion and generosity shown by a woman named Kristine Taule-Manahan toward a saleslady after an accidental … Read more

Babysitter Arrested for Allegedly Taking Employer’s Baby Without Consent


Police Authorities Arrest Babysitter for Allegedly Taking Employer’s Baby Without Consent A female babysitter has been arrested by the police authorities for allegedly taking her employer’s baby without consent. It is crucial to exercise utmost caution and diligence when entrusting the care of your child to a babysitter, as recent events have highlighted the importance … Read more

Employer Criticized After Requiring College Diploma for ‘Kasambahay’ Applicants


Employer Who Requires College Diploma for ‘Kasambahay’ Applicants Earns Criticisms Online An employer received criticisms online after requiring a college diploma and teaching experience for ‘kasambahay’ applicants. Housemaids, also known as domestic workers, have been an integral part of household operations for centuries. Their roles have evolved throughout history, but their importance in maintaining a … Read more