Toni Gonzaga Reveals Trait Of Alex That Puts Her In Trouble Before

Here’s what puts Alex Gonzaga in trouble before as revealed by Toni Gonzaga in this video.

TONI GONZAGA – Famous actress and host Toni Gonzaga shares what would always get her sister Alex Gonzaga in trouble with big stars before.

YouTube has become Alex Gonzaga‘s channel which her sister Toni Gonzaga described as a place where she can be her true and authentic self unapologetically. She’s among the very first celebrities in the country who launched a YouTube channel and she’s currently among the most followed. She actually just had her Diamond Play Button for achieving 10 million subscribers.

But it has been always open to the public that before Alex got her success in vlogging. she suffered from being fiddled as always the second-best and copying her sister because Toni got in first in the industry. As much as people are aware, Toni is among the most established actresses and host up until now and already has her brand being an actress and it’s been inevitable that they always get compared to each other.

And through the years, the Gonzaga sisters proved that they are not any competition against each other. They found their respective strength and both of them are now successful. People have already recognized now their differences and how great they can do if they’re together. And ask what gets Alex in trouble before with the big stars, Toni revealed something in the vlog of Wil Dasovich.

And just like Dasovich, extroverted people tend to be really friendly with everyone, and with Alex who is outgoing, she tends to forget the “status” of big stars in the Philippines. In the country, celebrities have certain statuses or levels based on their achievements and Alex seems to not mind it which sometimes comes off as something odd, ‘mayabang’ or unusual for most people.

“Ganun siya. Nakikipag-joke siya na akala mo they’re the same status… So yung mga iba ‘grabe naman siya’… ‘know your place, dito ka lang’,” Toni shared. She added that Alex is also the type of person who would always do anything to win a person no matter who you are or where they are.

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