Dennis Padilla Message and Revelations About Julia, Leon, & Claudia

This is the one wish that Dennis Padilla has always wanted to do with his children with Marjorie Barretto along with some revelations.

DENNIS PADILLA – Famous comedian Dennis Padilla expressed this one desire that he wanted to do with children Julia, Leon, and Claudia.

A rough past has passed and something that has been apologized for, comedian Dennis Padilla, now in his second life after his COVID-19 ordeal expressed something about his children with Marjorie Barretto. He has apologized to Marjorie for what he has done before and also to his children.

Experiencing a flashback during his hospital ordeal and receiving the gift of his second life made him realize to value life even more and to direct his path to the Lord with a stronger faith.

As much as people all know, his children with Marjorie are Julia, Claudia, and Leon whom he never saw for months and years already. He missed all of them and he missed hearing “I love you” from them. He understood why they can’t tell him those three words but he missed all of them and regretted the part where he wasn’t able to show to them what kind of a father he is.

Dennis never saw Julia for months, Claudia for around two years, and Leon for almost a year and a half. And in his interview with Ogie Diaz, one thing he wishes to do with them is to gather all of them and sit with all of them in a single table. He expressed, “Sana mahanapan naman nila akong time na makasama.”

He also shared his pain whenever he would receive short replies and cold treatments from them. Dennis admitted that he was always the one making effort to reach out to them but he felt “nakukulangan” over their short responses. As a father, he definitely wanted to be with them and talk to them but sometimes, it would accordingly take a week before they could even reply to his messages.

With the current health situation, he clearly knows why they are afraid to go out but he is also willing to go through some tests and processes just to safely be with them and spend some time with them. He also has his attempts to invite them over but what rises more than his desire to bond with them is his fear of rejection. He is afraid to be rejected by his children.

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it takes a man to be strong enough to admit his mistake..

It shows the sincerity of Dennis in this interview. Realtalk. I hope his children can make effort to see him often coz you cannot buy time that is lost, given his second life.

I feel bad for him…😔 kung hindi rin naman sknya wala sila dito sa mundo….

Sabi ni Dennis Di nya pa nakikita c Julia matagal na rin kc takot din clang lumabas, pero Di takot lumabas Pag kasama c Gerald🤣🤣


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