Netizens’ Comments on Julia Barretto, Dennis Padilla’s Conversation

JULIA BARRETTO – The young Kapamilya actress earned comments from netizens over her interview with her dad, Dennis Padilla.

Although the marriage of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto led to separation, the former celebrity couple were greatly blessed with three (3) children – Julia, Claudia, and Leon.

It was in 1997 when Dennis and Marjorie officially tied the knot. Then, the actress already has a daughter, Dani. She has a good relationship with the actor-comedian. He treats her like his very own daughter and is one of those he misses amid the pandemic now.

Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto separated in 2007. Their children remained with the former actress. They are all grown-up individuals now.

Dennis has a new family now. He met and fell in love with a non-showbiz Australian-Filipina, Linda Gorton. They are together for several years now and their relationship is blessed with two (2) children, Gavin and Maddie.

Living a celebrity life, it is no secret to the public that Dennis and his children with Marjorie had misunderstandings in the past. One of those was when the comedian’s children filed a petition in the court to remove Baldivia from their names.

In a recent interview with Julia, the comedian admitted that it really hurt him and a lot of questions came to his mind. However, according to him, no one was talking to him then and his messages to his children got no replies.

Julia Barretto explained to Dennis Padilla that they were really hurt during that time and they were scared of him. The comedian admitted that he had temper issues before. According to the young actress, the annulment of his marriage with Marjorie Barretto makes them his illegitimate children. They had an intimate conversation about it in a vlog interview:

The said intimate conversation between Julia Barretto and Dennis Padilla hooked the attention of netizens. Here are some of the comments about it:

sammie kim: “Love doesn’t always come in “i love you too’s”. Loving her dad was shown in this episode in so many ways – forgiveness, gratitude, honoring him, telling him that she’s proud of him, remembering their good times, etc. Just because she didn’t say ‘i love you too’, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her dad.

Pearl M: “Im almost in my 40s but I appreciate Julia’s wit and personality. What a good conversationalist she is. She does not only throw questions and opinions, she knows very well how to listen, acknowledge and respond. She’d make a superb talk show host!

Estrella Soriano: “With all the comments here, it doesn’t hurt to say “ I love you back”. I still thinks she’s holding something back. Maybe she had forgiven her dad for all the things that happened to them but scars will always be there. Time will tell when she’s ready to say it expressively.

maui’s mom: “julia saying the word “papa” is like music to my ears. it sounds soooo affectionate, so caring, and full of love. that just proves she has so much respect to her dad

Kryzsdel Centino: “I’m really amazed of Julia’s composure and genuinely she is saying na proud siya sa papa niya. And how brave his papa is in owning up to his mistakes in the past.

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