Old COVID-19 Patient Passes Away Outside ER After Hospitals Refused to Admit Him

Elderly COVID-19 Patient Dies Outside ER After Hospitals Refused to Accept Him

An elderly COVID-19 patient passed away outside the emergency room after hospitals allegedly refused to admit him.

A Twitter user named Angelo B. has expressed his disappointment after his beloved father died outside of the emergency room of a hospital in Metro Manila. He said that no hospital would accept his dad.

Angelo said that his dad tested positive for COVID-19 last March 16, 2021. His dad has been isolated at home and doctors were monitoring his vitals regularly. However, the senior citizen suffered from breathing difficulty last March 27.

COVID-19 Patient

The netizen immediately called an ambulance but they reportedly asked for P16-20k upfront. They have decided to borrow a volunteer vehicle from his close friend and sustained his dad with oxygen.

Ange rushed his dad to a hospital but there was no available slot for his father. Other hospitals also refused to admit the senior citizen and even refused to refill his oxygen.

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“We started shipping him to nearby hospitals and calling in advance. this was the worst part. every. single. hospital. every one of them, was full. be it admission, ER, even the waitlist for the ER. every single one was full. you name it, from Asian Hospital to St. Luke’s,” Angelo lamented.

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