Sandra Lemonon Reveals She’s Retiring From Beauty Pageants

Sandra Lemonon Says Goodbye To Beauty Pageants

SANDRA LEMONON – Miss Taguig Sandra Lemonon revealed she’s retiring from beauty pageants.

Filipina beauty queen Sandra Lemonon made headlines last year for her cryptic post shortly after Rabiya Mateo became Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Her posts include one about “don’t cheat” and “play fair.”

Prior to joining the last MUP, she joined the 2018 Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines in 2016. She finished as a semi-finalist on her latest pageant stint.  

sandra lemonon
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Sandra Lemonon shared that she experienced “things that weren’t aligned with my beliefs and morals” during the MUP.

“All I will share is my truth from a perspective of a candidate of MUPH 2020 who has experienced all three orgs,” she wrote in an IG Stories post.

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Photo Source: @sandralemonon IG

In a post on her Instagram account last January 25, Sandra Lemonon uploaded three pictures of herself at the beach. Her post earned positive reactions from the netizens. One netizen suggested she can join Miss Earth.

She made a candid revelation on social media. She replied to the netizen’s comment saying she’s retiring from beauty pageants. She wrote, “No more pageants for me love but thank you.”

Photo Source: @sandralemonon IG

One netizen then asked Sandra Lemonon to reconsider her decision of quitting pageantry since she’s still 25-years-old and very qualified to join beauty pageants.

“@sandralemonon my love, your Journey was bumby & maybe for a reason, I hope you reconsider, we never got to cheer for you in the big arena, take all the time you need, but then finish what you started don’t let anyone dim your light and your kind spirit.”

Photo Source: @sandralemonon IG

To that, Lemonon responded, “@salvatoregaurav love don’t make me cry of joy. People like you are the reason why I love the good sides of pageantry. You are kind hearted & pure. Stay like this forever.”

“Maybe I shall not be in a pageant arena but I am sure I am on my own path & all the hardships/blessings that lead me to where I am today will help me be where I need to be. with you by my side I will never have a dim light in my heart, I promise.”

Photo Source: @sandralemonon IG

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