Donnalyn Bartolome Response to Basher Criticizing Her Burberry Purse

Donnalyn Bartolome Slams Basher Who Called Her Cheap for Using Burberry Purse

Vlogger and social media influencer Donnalyn Bartolome response to basher who called her cheap for using Burberry Purse while buying luxury car.

Recently, Donnalyn uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, where she will be buying a brand new sports car for herself. Donnalyn will treat herself this time as she prioritizes other people first.

Donnalyn Bartolome Burberry Purse

Donnalyn enters the luxury cars showroom to pick her desired own sports car. In the video, the vlogger only wears simple attire with a violet blazer top, white pants, and her Burberry purse but still looks gorgeous.

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Donnalyn Bartolome Burberry Purse

Meanwhile, a netizen commented on her YouTube video criticizing her outfit during her car shopping. The netizen called her cheap as she uses Burberry’s purse while entering luxury car showrooms.

“Buying luxuries car with Burberry purse?! Ewww! So Cheap! She looks like she just going to a convenience store,” the netizen said (published as is).

Donnalyn notices her arrogant remarks towards her outfit and responded to her. “And this, kids, is the perfect example of why it’s important to not be the girl with a $10,000 bag that doesn’t have $10,000 in it,” she said.

She added, “Don’t go broke trying to look rich My Burberry [bag] may not be the most expensive bag but when you look inside you’ll see why I call it my lucky bag Beyonce will back me up on that hunnniieeeee.”[0]=AZUu9G9eNnclpTrQlMUpmigozOYVrcosXoqcFsw92_9PfDoEuPXCqk1h1qcgyKyYOAVkYxL3pcu0GJ6sKAifbC3MdeUs01ST3wGsoE-R1KV1F-xOwwN9nU-gMjhmwJcusKhVzzWkAyaDvSCj5sE7nxex&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

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