JM de Guzman Talks About His “Panliligaw” To Donnalyn Bartolome

jm de guzman donnalyn bartolome

JM de Guzman expressed his feelings for Donnalyn Bartolome Kapamilya actor JM de Guzman talked about his “pangliligaw” to celebrity-vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome. Last April, in a social media post, the actor admitted that he has a crush on the vlogger. He shared a close-up photo of Donnalyn with the caption “Crush”. This received a positive … Read more

Zeinab Harake Says Donnalyn Bartolome Is The Smartest In DoLaiNab

Zeinab Harake, Donnalyn Bartolome

Zeinab Harake Admits Donnalyn Bartolome Is Smarter Than Her & Jelai Andres ZEINAB HARAKE – Youtuber Zeinab Harake admitted Donnalyn Bartolome is smarter than her and Jelai Andres. Several vloggers and content creators are now regarded as celebrities as a result of their large internet followings. Like celebrities in show business, these content creators collaborate, which … Read more

JM de Guzman Admits Crush On Donnalyn Bartolome

JM de Guzman, Donnalyn Bartolome

JM de Guzman Has A Crush On Youtuber Donnalyn Bartolome JM DE GUZMAN – Kapamilya actor and singer JM de Guzman admitted his that he has a crush on online content creator Donnalyn Bartolome. Juan Miguel Gob de Guzman a.k.a. JM de Guzman is a Pinoy mixed martial artist, actor, singer, and model. HeJM is … Read more

JM de Guzman Admits He Has “Kinakaadikan” Right Now

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JM de Guzman was asked about his love life Actor JM de Guzman admitted in a recent interview that he has “kinakaadikan” right now but he refused to divulge the details. JM is open about his past struggles when it comes to his addiction. He bravely shared his journey through social media posts and interviews. … Read more

Zeinab Harake Shares Fun “Best Friend Test” Of DoLaiNab

Zeinab Harake

Here’s the funny and loud Best Friend Test between Zeinab Harake, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Jelai Andres. ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vloggers Zeinab Harake, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Jelai Andres did the “Best Friend Test” and this is what happened. In the field of vlogging, among the biggest personalities are Zeinab Harake, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Jelai Andres. … Read more

Donnalyn Bartolome Receives “March 2023 No Issue Challenge” Award

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A viral post was dedicated to Donnalyn Bartolome Social media personality Donnalyn Bartolome received the “March 2023 No Issue Challenge” award and this went viral. Donnalyn is one of the most-followed celebrity vloggers in the Philippines. Her YouTube channel now has 9.61 million subscribers. Along with his social media popularity, some controversies surfaced. Back in … Read more

Rendon Labador Goes Viral Over “Sana mabuntis na si Donnalyn ng lalaking may utak” Post

Rendon Labador

Rendon Labador Reacts to Donnalyn Barolome’s “Maganda talaga pag binuntis” Post The internet celebrity Rendon Labador goes viral over “Sana mabuntis na si Donnalyn ng lalaking may utak” post. Previously, the female vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome goes viral and becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after showcasing her perspective about ‘binuntis’ and fellow women … Read more