Vlogger Khifer Brosse Reunites with Family After Released from Jail

Vlogger Khifer Brosse Released from Jail After Arrested for Harassment KHIFER BROSSE – The vlogger has finally reunited with his family after being released from months of being arrested due to a harassment case. The content creator came to Facebook to announce his return to social media following a month-long absence due to his arrest. … Read more

Lolo Mandoy Who Celebrated Having 300 YT Subs Flexes Newly Born ‘Apo’

Lolo Mandoy

Lolo Mandoy Flexes Newly Born ‘Apo’ 3 Days After 300 YouTube Subs Celebration Lolo Mandoy, the senior citizen vlogger who celebrated reaching 300 YouTube subscribers, showed off his newly born ‘Apo’. Last week, the fisherman, known as Lolo Mandoy on his YouTube channel Lolo Mandoy Fishing Vlog, touched the hearts of internet users by celebrating … Read more

LJ Satterfield to Boy Tapang: “Your bashing is the key. Silver button is here”

LJ Satterfield Grateful to Bashing of Boy Tapang After Getting YouTube Silver Button Controversial content creator LJ Satterfield is grateful to male vlogger Boy Tapang bashing after achieving the YouTube silver button. LJ Satterfield, a Cebu-based content creator, took to social media to announce her new status as an internet personality. She flaunts her silver … Read more

Boy Tapang LJ Satterfield “Hiwalay Na”? Love Story Allegedly Scripted

Boy Tapang and Girlfriend LJ Satterfield Allegedly Hiwalay Na Vlogger Boy Tapang and his new girlfriend LJ Satterfield become controversial online because they were allegedly “hiwalay na”. Boy Tapang and LJ Satterfield’s claimed “bardagulan” became viral on social media. It was stated that the YouTuber couple’s relationship is on the rocks because their identities are … Read more

Dyosa Pockoh “Naloka” to Jelai Andres Invitation to Thailand

Dyosa Pockoh Posts Jelai Andres “Agad-Agad” Invitation to Thailand Vlogger and comedian Dyosa Pockoh “naloka” to the invitation of online personality Jelai Andres to him going to Thailand. Francis Valle Suayan, also known as Dyosa Pockoh, a content creator, recently recounted a humorous chat he had with vlogger-model Jelai Andres. Dyosa, along with other well-known … Read more

Marites Mondina to Her Vlogger Friends “You guys are using me para marami viewers niyo”

Marites Mondina

Marites Mondina Makes Buzz Online Over “You guys are using me para marami viewers niyo” Statement in Recent Video Marites Mondina makes buzz online after telling her vlogger colleagues “You guys are using me to be in your videos para lang marami ang mga viewers niyo diba.” Marites Mondina, an internet celebrity who was previously … Read more

Vlogger Asking Free Accommodation at Resort in Tagaytay, Seenzoned by Management


Vlogger Receives Seen-Zone From Management After Asking Free Accommodation at Resort in Tagaytay A vlogger asking for free accommodation at a certain resort in Tagaytay has been seen zoned by management. A Facebook user named Botchi Santos working as a consultant for Escala Tagaytay has shared the message of a self-proclaimed influencer asking for free … Read more