Karla Estrada To Run For Mayor In Tacloban In 2022?

Will Karla Estrada enter the world of politics?

Rumor has it that Magandang Buhay host Karla Estrada will enter the world of politics and will this happen in 2022?

Venturing into politics from show business is quite a usual trend among celebrities. The course of the history of politics in the Philippines has seen this kind of scenario over and over again.

karla estrada
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Some celebrities preferred the local political scene while there were those who made it big at the national level. Just recently, based on the article from Abante Entertainment, rumors saying that Karla Estrada will be seen in the political scene resurfaced.

Reportedly, this kind of speculation has been circulating in the past. It was said that many of her “kababayans” in Tacloban are convincing her to run for mayor.

The TV host is one of the celebrities who have been actively extending help during calamities. She has shown support for the people of Tacloban amid the crisis.

karla estrada
📷: @karlaestrada1121 IG

Entertainment columnist Jun Lalin said that the Queen Mother is not doing her charity endeavor with a purpose of entering politics. She is doing it because she loves Tacloban and its people, Lalin added.

The columnist said that only time will tell if Karla Estrada will hear the plea of her “kababayans” that she should run for mayor.

Will the TV host follow the desire of people in Tacloban? In this, the only thing to do is “abangan”.

Meanwhile, after the series of typhoons that hit the Philippines just recently, Karla was one of the celebrities who gave relief goods to affected families in areas that were flooded.

What can you say about this?

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