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Karla Estrada Admits She Previously Dated Romnick Sarmenta

roanna padilla and daniel padilla 1

Roanna Padilla Got Showbiz-Worthy Looks Like Brother Daniel Padilla

Karla Estrada Brokenhearted & Her New Look Is The Proof?

Karla Estrada

Karla Estrada “Kwartour”: Queen Mother Shows Off Her Elegant Room

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo Calls DJ By This Endearment In Front Of Karla Estrada

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla ‘s Sister Magui Fiona Expresses Message To Kathryn After Confirmation

Daniel Padilla “Richest” Young Actor Today, Karla Estrada’s Statement Implies

'90s Regal Babies

’90s Regal Babies Reunion Delights Numerous People

Karla Estrada

Karla Estrada Hid From Media When She Sent 2 Buses Of Relief Goods To Victims Of ST Yolanda