Jose Mari Chan Reveals Side On Viral Memes On Social Media About Him

How Does Jose Mari Chan Feel About His Viral Memes?

JOSE MARI CHAN – The King of Christmas songs revealed his side on his memes that go viral on social media.

Now, only a few days left before the -ber months will officially start. Every year, September is welcomed with Christmas photos and songs going viral on social media. There are even memes about singers known for their Christmas jingles.

In the Philippines, the man tagged as the King of Christmas Songs is singer Jose Mari Chan. Two of his most popular songs that hooked a lot of people are “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Perfect Christmas”.

Jose Mari Chan
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

Are you also one of the fans and supporters of the King of Christmas Songs? Undeniably, his songs our soothing and bring a reminder about the value of the Christmas celebration.

The popularity of the singer is immeasurable. In fact, even before September arrives every year, photos of him are going viral on social media.

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Recently, Jose Mari Chan revealed his side about the viral memes about him on social media. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the King of Christmas Songs find it “amusing” as long as it is not stated on a negative light.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there are memes stating that he will be out soon while others still cannot go out of their homes. Community quarantine measures are still up in the Philippines and everyone is advised to stay at home if not for very essential purposes.

Based on the report, the singer wants the memes to be messages of hope and positivity for everyone. He’d love it if it brings hope that soon the pandemic will be over.

“Like malapit na, don’t worry. I know it’s darkness all over but the dawn is coming,” the singer said.

Now that social gatherings are prohibited, the King of Christmas Songs may not be able to serenade people in malls like he usually does. Meanwhile, he is ready to participate in online benefit concerts.

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