Ogie Alcasid On Jose Mari Chan’s ‘Music As Hobby Only’ Remark

ogie alcasid jose mari chan

Ogie Alcasid believes that music can be a career Seasoned singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid shared his thoughts on the statement by veteran singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan that music should be a hobby only. To recall, JMC made this remark during his guesting on Fast Talk, the Kapuso talk show of King of Talk Boy Abunda. The … Read more

Jose Mari Chan No Money In Music Statement Contradicted

Jose Mari Chan advised young musicians to just make music as a hobby Veteran singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan was contradicted by other songwriters for saying that there is no money in music. There are people who believe that anything that has to do with arts can’t bring you a stable income. A lot of stories … Read more

Mariah Carey Acknowledges Christmas Starts Early For Filipinos

mariah carey

Mariah Carey shared this post for her Filipino lambs Multi-awarded singer Mariah Carey acknowledged that Filipinos start the celebration of Christmas earlier than the rest of the world. In the Philippines, when September comes, Pinoys are already putting up some Christmas decorations at homes, offices, and different establishments. This is also the start of playing … Read more

Jose Mari Chan

Jose Mari Chan

Jose Mari Chan Personal Background, Family & Career JOSE MARI CHAN – Here is a biography of the Filipino-Chinese singer-songwriter dubbed as the “King of Filipino Christmas Carols”. Every September 1st or even a few days before the -ber months begin, photos and videos of the Filipino-Chinese singer-songwriter take the social media by storm. He … Read more

Jose Mari Chan On His Viral Memes During Christmas

Jose Mari Chan

This is what Jose Mari Chan said about his viral memes. JOSE MARI CHAN – The “ber” months haven’t arrived yet but the singer is already appearing on our newsfeeds featured in memes. The Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan will always be a part of PH Christmas. With the start of “be” months now … Read more

Jose Mari Chan Reveals His All-Time Favorite Christmas Song

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Jose Mari Chan is indeed extra popular during the holiday season Singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan revealed his all-time favorite Christmas song and it is not one of the songs he wrote. Jose Mari is known as the “Father of Christmas Songs” in the Philippines. When “ber” months arrive, he is getting more attention, as well … Read more