Best New Christmas Songs: List of Favorite Songs this Merry Season

Best New Christmas Songs

BEST NEW CHRISTMAS SONGS – The merry season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is here once again and Christmas songs are everywhere. The Christmas songs are among those that add a big factor in the Christmas atmosphere most especially in the Philippines. Truth be told that many Filipinos are into music and there are … Read more

Jose Mari Chan Reveals How He Wrote ‘Christmas In Our Hearts’

jose mari chan

This is how Jose Mari Chan wrote his famous Christmas song Veteran singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan revealed the story behind Christmas In Our Hearts, one of his famous songs. Chan is extra famous during the last quarter of the year or the holiday season. Over the years, he has shared his timeless ballads with different … Read more

ABS-CBN Stockholder Jose Mari Chan Message To 70 Lawmakers

Jose Mari Chan

Here’s Jose Mari Chan, a stockholder of ABS-CBN, message for those 70 lawmakers. JOSE MARI CHAN – Music icon Jose Mari Chan has this message to lawmakers who voted to junk the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN. ABS-CBN, the biggest media company, has been closed down a couple of months ago after many decades of being … Read more