Duterte Tells Nurses Enter Police If They Want Higher Pay

Duterte Tells Nurses To Enter Police Force For Bigger Salary

ENTER POLICE FORCE – During his address aired Sunday, President Duterte urged nurses to join the police force if they wanted a higher paycheck.

Enter the police force. The salary is higher. If you remain a nurse outside, you only get about eight, nine, ten thousand pesos

Recently, the medical community asked the government to give them a time out as cases boom to an all-time high. As such, they pleaded the government to impose an ECQ in areas with a critically high number of COVID-19 infections.

However, the public announcement didn’t fly too well with the President. Instead of addressing the issue, he slammed the medical community for their statements.

Duterte Tells Nurses Enter Police If They Want Higher Pay
Image from: Nikkei Asian Review

There is no need for you and for the guys, 1,000 of you, telling us what to do publicly. You could have just wrote us a letter. Lahat naman ng sinasabi ninyo, sinusunod namin… Next time, you can ask for an audience. Pero ‘wag ho kayong magsigaw sigaw, rebolusyon, rebolusyon

But, because of the massive outcry of the community, Duterte approved the plea of medical frontliners to reimpose a tight lockdown in Metro Manila. Furthermore, Roque said the President also approved hiring additional health care workers.

Duterte Tells Nurses Enter Police If They Want Higher Pay
Image from: Los Angeles Times

Adding to this, Duterte also green-lit the hiring of 10,000 professionals for enlistment and active duty in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Based on an article from Inquirer, Roque said:

Health care workers would also be provided additional benefits, such as risk allowance for private sector healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients,  the amount of 10 to 15,000 pesos for every healthcare worker that gets sick, life insurance, free accommodation, free transportation, free and frequent testing.

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