Buknoy Glamurrr Asks: “Kailan naging marangal ang pagiging tricycle driver?”

Controversial vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr asks foul question? Is this his post?

BUKNOY GLAMURRR – Andrew Luis Lapid or also known as Buknoy Glamurrr allegedly posted this on social media which angered netizens.

“Ang gusto ko talagang sabihin sa inyo is wag kayong sumuko na mangarap. Wag na wag kayong sumuko na tuparin ang mga pangarap ninyo kasi kung hindi kayo magsu-sumikap sa buhay, walang-wala kayong mararating tulad nito.”


These are the exact words of Buknoy Glamurrr as per previous article which did not suit well to many people. Accordingly, he doesn’t have the right to insult and degrade any types of jobs. He shared conflicting ideas and thoughts which offended a lot of people, thus, making him earn bunch of criticisms.

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In his public apology, he stated that he is just following the trend and what he did is meant to entertain others. However, what was supposed to be an entertainment has turned out his biggest controversy. He got lambasted online. He apologized and admitted his mistakes.

And now, following all the issues, another post from the vlogger emerged where he attacked tricycle drivers again. The screenshot of his post circulating online, he allegedly wrote, “Kailan naging marangal ang pagiging tricycle driver? HAAAAAAA?????”


This just got more netizens annoyed and angered with his words. The post was a clear “job shaming”. To say that being a tricycle driver is not an honorable job is something that’s not right to say coming from an “influencer”.

Here are some reactions of the netizens on Twitter as #BuknoyBasura is trending online:

I really wanna slap buknoy


Shame on you.

payag ka nun influencer ka pero bad influence ka?


It’s always “think before you speak” and “think before you click”

Tricycle drivers are more better than a trash like you.


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