Buknoy Glamurrr to Makagago: “Wala naman akong nilalait.”

Buknoy Glamurrr

YouTube vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr insisted he said nothing wrong. BUKNOY GLAMURRR – YouTube vlogger Makagago preaches Buknoy Glamurrr who insisted he said nothing wrong about tricycle drivers. “Ang gusto ko talagang sabihin sa inyo is wag kayong sumuko na mangarap. Wag na wag kayong sumuko na tuparin ang mga pangarap ninyo kasi kung hindi kayo … Read more

Buknoy Glamurrr Lied About This Information? Netizens Lambasted Him

Buknoy Glamurrr

Netizens lambast Buknoy Glamurrr after lying about this information. BUKNOY GLAMURRR – Controversial vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr lied about his age in his YouTube profile and netizens have these reactions. With his offensive and foul remarks about tricycle drivers, so-called “influencer” and “content creator” on YouTube Buknoy Glamurrr got heavily criticized online. Many netizens said that … Read more

Buknoy Glamurrr Public Apology: “…nakikisabay lang po ako sa uso…”

Buknoy Glamurrr Public Apology

Here’s Buknoy Glamurrr public apology following controversies. PUBLIC GLAMURRR PUBLIC APOLOGY – YouTube vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr finally expressed public apology following all the bashing and criticisms. In a video circulating online, Buknoy Glamurrr was called out due to his offensive and belittling comments about tricycle drivers. He encouraged the people to not give up on … Read more

Buknoy Glamurrr Biography: Real Name, Age, YT Channel, & other details

Buknoy Glamurrr Biography

Here’s Buknoy Glamurrr biography and some details about him. BUKNOY GLAMURRR BIOGRAPHY – Controversial YouTube video blogger Buknoy Glamurrr age, channel, and other details that you might want to know. Currently making rounds online is the YouTube content creator Buknoy Glamurrr. He became controversial following his foul, offensive, and insensitive remarks about tricycle drivers. Accordingly, … Read more