Buknoy Glamurrr Biography: Real Name, Age, YT Channel, & other details

Here’s Buknoy Glamurrr biography and some details about him.

BUKNOY GLAMURRR BIOGRAPHY – Controversial YouTube video blogger Buknoy Glamurrr age, channel, and other details that you might want to know.

Currently making rounds online is the YouTube content creator Buknoy Glamurrr. He became controversial following his foul, offensive, and insensitive remarks about tricycle drivers. Accordingly, people who won’t work hard for their dreams will end up like those tricycle drivers, a clear insult to these workers who just wanted to provide for their family.


Who is Buknoy Glamurrr? He is a content creator in YouTube. His channel accumulated 1,928,065 views as of this writing with over 201,000 subscribers. According to details in his channel, he is just 16 years old, a student, and a vlogger.

According to his profile on YouTube, he wrote there, “Just wanna make people laugh and inspired and I want to empower my fellow 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ that Not just Popular people can inspire people and on inspiring people there are no Gender implied🤗 spread pride and not hate.”


He is known for story about his “Tita Jenny” which he tagged as “dakilang kabit ng bayan”. In one of his videos where he shared 15 facts about himself, he revealed that he doesn’t eat ketchup and many other condiments. He is from Pampanga but based in Quezon City where he works and attends school.

His real name is Andrew Luis Lapid but known for being called as “Buknoy” in social media, he is a Grade 10 student in this upcoming school year, and he was born on August 4, 2004. As early as 2015, he already kicked off a career in YouTube and other social media platforms but it was because of Tiktok that he became more popular. It also paved way for him to reach more people until he became a famous “influencer” that he is now.


He was bullied at a young age and expressed his sadness about not having to experience being respected by other people. He’s from a broken family and that’s because of his “Tita Jenny”.

Watch his video below:



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