World Health Organization Warning To Philippines About Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Philippines not decreasing yet, World Health Organization has this advise.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – Coronavirus cases not decreasing in Philippines yet, thus, World Health Organization has this advise.

The number of coronavirus cases in the Philippines increases everyday. We are not yet past the first wave and as the government loosened the lockdown measures, a second wave is possible which can come from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) returning from countries like United States, Italy, Spain, and in some parts of the Middle East as per previous article.

World Health Organization
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With this, World Health Organization Western Pacific technical officer Dr. Takeshi Nishijima stressed that it is still better for the people to stay at the safety of their homes. This is because the country has not recorded a rapid drop despite months of being under strict quarantine.

He said, “As we are seeing, the number of newly-reported cases in the Philippines is not rapidly decreasing even after the strict implementation of community quarantine.”

And for today, the country has already surpassed the 15,000-mark at 15,049 total confirmed cases as of May 27. 380 cases has been added while yesterday, May 26, there was 350 new COVID-19 cases recorded. Of the total number today, 904 died and 3,506 have recovered from the viral disease.

World Health Organization
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Nishijima urged the people to stay at home, observe physical distancing, and do the regular proper hand washing. He added as per PhilStar, “In the Philippines, we are seeing the new number of cases, which is kind of stabilized a bit. We are hoping it will decrease in the future. I think we need to be prepared to continue what [we are doing] right now.”

Areas and provinces in the Philippines have been classified in three types of quarantine: Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, General Community Quarantine, and Modified General Community Quarantine.


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