Is Sharing Food Safe Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is Sharing Food Safe? Or Does It Breach Social Distancing Protocols?

IS SHARING FOOD SAFE? – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is urged to help flatten the spread of the virus.

The question now is, do the same principles apply when talking about food? Obviously, one of the main concerns is that the sharing of food could potentially spread the disease. But, is this true? Should we worry?

According to Elizabeth A. Bihn of the the department of food science at Cornell University, the general answer would be yes. Additionally, she said that the risk of spreading the disease from the act of sharing food is quite low.

Is Sharing Food Safe Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic?
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However, she emphasized that we still needed to take precautionary measures. Moreover, she noted that the coronavirus should not be the only thing you should be concerned about.

Bihn explained that the last thing we would want during a pandemic is to get a food-borne disease which requires patients to head to emergency rooms. With this, here are some tips on how to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus or food-borne diseases.

Contactless Pick-up

As the virus is commonly spread through droplets (sneezing, coughs) from sick people, the biggest risk would come from person-to-person delivery. As such, when picking up food, try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and the delivery person.

Avoid stressing

As mentioned earlier, the chances of contracting the virus from food or packaging is highly unlikely. According to an article from ABS-CBN, stressing would only harm your body as the build-up of stress could manifest into anxiety.

So, go and cook your favorite meals and share it with your family and friends, but always remember to maintain social distancing practices when doing so.

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