Coronavirus: Test Kits, Masks Donated By China Arrive In PH

China’s Donation For Coronavirus Response Arrives In PH

CORONAVIRUS – Surgical masks, N95 and coronavirus test kits donated by China arrived in the Philippines on Friday.

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said he will seek the assistance of China if the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak in the country worsens. He said he received a letter from President Xi Jinping assuring him that they will help he Pinoy fight against the virus.

The 74-year-old chief executive praised the Chinese President for his consoling words. “To the Chinese government, to the people, especially to President Xi Jinping, thank you for the consoling words and maybe, I hope that it would not reach to that point but maybe we will need your help,” he said.

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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chinying said State Councilor Wang Yi told the Department of Foreign Affairs, Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., that they will send medical supplies to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“State Councilor Wang Yi just called with Philippine FM Locsin. We feel the same as the Philippine people are going through difficult times. We will do our utmost to help. Medical supplies and experts will soon go to the Philippines.”

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Based on a report from Inquirer, China’s donation to fight against coronavirus has arrived in the Philippines on Friday, March 20 said Foreign Affairs Secretary Locsin. They offered thousands COVID-19 testing kits, face masks, and personal protective equipment (PPE) sets.

“Promised China help arrived on (a) charter flight at 5 am. Praying no hitches. DOH (Department of Health) on the ball so we’re ok. Items perishable in heat,” he added.

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According to the report, China’s donation includes 100,000 testing kits, 10,000 N95 masks, 100,000 surgical masks, and 10,000 sets of PPE. On Thursday, the Department of Health (DOH) reported 217 confirmed cases. The virus first emerged in Wuhan City, China.

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