Coronavirus Disease – Difference Of Pandemic, Epidemic, & Outbreak

With the threat of coronavirus disease, here’s the difference between pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak.

CORONAVIRUS DISEASE – Amid the coronavirus disease scare, learn the difference between pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak.

In a previous article, World Health Organization (WHO) made a declaration about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) as pandemic due to its alarming increase in terms of confirmed cases and related deaths. Among the affected countries is Philippines with a total of 52 cases as of this posting.

Coronavirus Disease
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Before the coronavirus became pandemic, we have words such as epidemic and outbreak tailed to it. Now, what is the different between these three words? But surely, they differ on a matter of scale.

Small or unusual.
According to Google, the meaning states: “the sudden or violent start of something unwelcome, such as war, and disease”. This is classified when there’s only a small number of cases in an area. For example, the coronavirus which started in Wuhan last December 2019.
The World Health Organisation says: “A disease outbreak is the occurrence of disease cases in excess of normal expectancy. The number of cases varies according to the disease-causing agent, and the size and type of previous and existing exposure to the agent.”

Bigger and spreading.
This happens when an outbreak happens over a larger geographic area. For example, people outside of Wuhan, where the virus was discovered, started to get positive results of the virus. The widespread of the COVID-19 cases across China meant that the once outbreak turned epidemic.

International and out of control.
According to WHO, it is describes as a “worldwide spread of a new disease. It basically means that there is simultaneous sustained spread of a disease across the world, across international borders.” Basically, the spread of new disease to multiple countries or regions of the world is already considered as pandemic.


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