COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Is Over According To WHO


WHO declares COVID-19 global health emergency is now over. COVID-19 – World Health Organization announces that the emergency phase of the pandemic COVID-19 is now over. COVID pandemic killed at least 20 million and after many years, the emergency phase of this is finally over. World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations Emergency Committee had a … Read more

Joe Biden Claim that COVID-19 Pandemic in U.S has Ended

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden says Pandemic in U.S “is over” JOE BIDEN- The President of U.S said in his latest interview on Sunday that the COVID-19 pandemic in United States “is now over.” The remarks were indicative of the current state of much of US society, given that COVID restrictions have been largely lifted nationwide and … Read more

Neri Naig Buys Salon To Help Staff Stay In Their Jobs

Neri Naig, Chito Miranda, Salon

Neri Naig Shares Why She Suddenly Own A Salon NERI NAIG – ‘Wais Na Misis’ Neri Naig-Miranda shared she bought a salon to help the staff stay in their jobs. The coronavirus pandemic had an impact on every industry, from warehouses and meat processing plants to movie theaters and salons. Many companies across the nation … Read more

Pres. Duterte Calls Out Comelec Over Campaign Rallies Amid Pandemic

Rodrigo Duterte Ask Comelec for Rules to Avoid Crowding on Campaign Rallies President Rodrigo Duterte asked the Commission on Election (Comelec) for rules to avoid the crowding on campaign rallies amid the pandemic. During his public address, Duterte urged the Comelec to ensure that the social distance of those who will attend campaign rallies before … Read more

DILG Reminds Politicians, Supporters that Political Rallies Still Not Allowed

DILG Reminds Politicians, Supporters That They Are Still Allowed for to Hold Political Rallies The Department of Local Government (DILG) reminded the politicians and supporters that political rallies are still not allowed amid the crisis. According to Interior Secretary Eduardo Año, political rallies have been prohibited owing to the possibility of the new coronavirus illness … Read more

Europol Says Criminals Target Online Shoppers Amid Pandemic

Online Shoppers

Criminals Target Online Shoppers Amid Pandemic, According to Europol The Europe’s policing agency (Europol) reported that criminals are targeting the online shoppers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The agency reported that the cases of online shopping fraud sparked a sharp increase during the coronavirus pandemic. The group reported that the scammers are victimizing individuals working from home. … Read more

Pandemic Increased Shopping Addiction Among Youth, Says Study

Study Highlights Increased Shopping Addiction Among Youths Amid Pandemic PANDEMIC SHOPPING ADDICTION – According to a study, the youth have an increased risk of shopping addiction due to the pandemic. Nowadays, especially amid the pandemic, people tend to have a You Only Live Once (YOLO) mindset. This leads to many people with a living in … Read more

Palace Reminds Employers Not to Defer Mandatory 13th-Month Pay

Palace Reminds Employers 13th-Month Pay is Mandatory, Must Be Given to Employees The Malacañang Palace has reminded the employers that the 13th-month pay is mandatory and must be given to the employees amid pandemic. Employers cannot refuse to pay their workers the 13th-month pay, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, even if their businesses are … Read more