Countries Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan As PH Welcomes Chinese

Countries Begin To Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan While Chinese Tourist Roam PH

COUNTRIES EVACUATE CITIZENS FROM WUHAN – Global alarm continued to rise amidst the massive outbreak of the new Wuhan coronavirus.

Countries Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan As PH Welcomes Chinese
Image from: Deccan Herald

In just under 24 hours, the virus had killed 169 people and infected more than 1000 more. Because of this, countries have begun to evacuate their citizens from the epicenter of the outbreak.

According to an article from Foreign Policy, governments are initiating evacuation plans to get their nationals out of Wuhan.

On Tuesday, the European Commission stated it would fund two planes for citizens of Europe. This included 250 French nationals. Meanwhile, US diplomats and others were evacuated to California on Tuesday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines had also stated they would arrange special flights to evacuate Filipinos in Hubei who want to escape amidst the outbreak.

As per the article, British Airways had suspended all flights to and from China. In addition, the US had increased screening of passengers from Wuhan but is considering further restrictions.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte was adamant that he wanted to keep tourist traffic from China.

Countries Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan As PH Welcomes Chinese
Image from: Philippine Coast Guard

According to a report from Inquirer, when asked about his thoughts for a travel ban, the president said he would support any recommendation. However, he said it would be unfair.

It could include China, but at this time I’m not for it. It would not be fair

President Rodrigo Duterte

Antique Rep. Loren Legarda had also urged the DOH to recommend a temporary ban on visitor traffic from China. However, the DOH was not inclined to recommend a ban on Chinese tourist traffic.

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