Wuhan Virus Death Toll Now At 169, 1000 New Cases Confirmed

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Reaches 169, More Than 1000 New Cases Confirmed

WUHAN VIRUS DEATH TOLL – As the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus continued, the death toll for the virus has reached 169.

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Now At 169, 1000 New Cases Confirmed
Image from: Reuters

Meanwhile, at the epicenter of the outbreak, the province of Hubei had reported 1,032 new confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus.

According to a report from ABS-CBN, this number could still continue to rise in the following days.

In lieu of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged all governments to take initiative with regards to the fatal outbreak in China.

Aside from China, foreign countries have reported an increasing number of cases as well. On Wednesday, Finland and the United Arab Emirates had reported their first cases of the virus.

As per the article, the WHO called for an urgent meeting on Thursday over the decision to declare the viral epidemic as a “Global Health Emergency”. This could lead to increased international joint efforts to contain the virus.

Following the rampant spread of the virus, airlines from all over the world are suspending flights in and out of China.

Meanwhile, doctors from Shanghai have claimed to create a spray to protect against the virus.

The spray was already six years in the making. In addition, it had already completed the pre-clinical phase which included animal testing. This meant that it was now ready to test on human participants.

However, it typically takes four to five years between clinical testing and approval. But, Dr. Xu hoped that authorities could make a special exception so the spray could be used amidst the virus outbreak.

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