101-Year-Old-Man Recovers From Coronavirus In Wuhan, China

101-Year-Old Man Recovers From Coronavirus In Optics Valley Hospital, Wuhan 101-YEAR-OLD MAN RECOVERS FROM CORONAVIRUS – A 101-year-old man from Wuhan had recovered from COVID-19, said health authorities. According to an article from Surging News, Grandpa Zhou, a 101-year-old man had previously tested positive for COVID-19. But, to the health workers’ surprise, he had recovered … Read more

COVID-19 Going Global, Containment No Longer Option Says Experts

Experts Say Window Of Opportunity For Containment Is Over, COVID-19 Going Global COVID-19 GOING GLOBAL – Several experts, the “Window Of Opportunity” to contain the new coronavirus had passed. Now, Australian health authorities have stated that the world must prepare for an upcoming pandemic soon as new global cases of the virus are being confirmed … Read more

Chinese Nurse Infected With Coronavirus Starts Crying Outside Hospital

Chinese Nurse Breaks Down In Front Of Hospital As She Gets Infected With Coronavirus CHINESE NURSE INFECTED WITH CORONAVIRUS – A heartbreaking video was uploaded on YouTube of a nurse in Wuhan breaking down in front of a hospital after knowing she’s infected with the coronavirus. The outbreak of the coronavirus had already caused the … Read more

Coronavirus Death Toll Over 1000, Number Of Infected Reach 42,500

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes To 1000, Infected Over 42,500 CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL OVER 1000 – The new coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan fails to show signs of slowing down as it reached new heights today. Health authorities in the province of Hubei had reported an additional 103 deaths due to the Wuhan coronavirus. … Read more

Coronavirus Death Toll Over 50,000 Claims Chinese Whistle Blower

Chinese Billionaire Claims Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Is Over 50,000 CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL OVER 50,000 – Amidst the coronavirus outbreak in China, experts speculate that the actual death toll from the virus is being hidden from the public. Currently, the official death toll for the Wuhan coronavirus had reached over 904. Along with this, more … Read more

Wuhan Crematoriums Claims Hundreds of Dead Bodies Burned Everyday

Wuhan Crematoriums Burn Hundreds of Bodies Everyday Crematoriums in Wuhan, China claims that they burned hundreds of dead bodies every day due to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Recently, Chinese worker at a funeral home in Wuhan has reportedly made the disturbing claims as Chinese authorities have reported death toll still raise. crematoriums … Read more

Chinese Tourists in Australia Rush to Extend Their Visas So They Can’t Return Home

Chinese Tourists Rush to Extend Their Visas So They Can Stay and Can’t Return Home Chinese tourists in Australia rush to extend their visas to avoid heading home to Wuhan, China where coronavirus has killed 563 people. The 2019 novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, a city with 11 million people is under lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly … Read more

Millions Of Chickens Risk Dying Due To Coronavirus Outbreak In China

Millions Of Chickens Risk Dying As Poultry Farmers Lack Supplies Due To Lockdown MILLIONS OF CHICKENS RISK DYING – Amidst the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus in China that has caused the nation to be on lockdown, millions of livestock may perish soon. The coronavirus outbreak had already taken over 618 lives and infected over … Read more