Woman Goes To Hospital In Giraffe Costume As Protection VS COVID-19

Woman Goes To Hospital In Giraffe Custome Amids Coronavirus Outbreak WOMAN GOES TO HOSPITAL IN GIRAFFE COSTUME – The outbreak of the coronavirus in mainland China still continued with residents doing the best they can to protect themselves against the virus. The fears and panic that was brought upon by the rapid spread of the … Read more

PHOTOS: Travelers Desperate Attempt To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

travelers wear plastic bags 2

Travelers Wear Plastic Bags To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus TRAVELERS – Photos of travelers wearing plastic bags in Shanghai railway station elicited reactions from the netizens. People from all parts of the world are worried about the 2019 novel coronavirus. The deadly virus was first recorded in Wuhan, China. The city of 11 million people … Read more

Wuhan Crematoriums Claims Hundreds of Dead Bodies Burned Everyday

Wuhan Crematoriums Burn Hundreds of Bodies Everyday Crematoriums in Wuhan, China claims that they burned hundreds of dead bodies every day due to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Recently, Chinese worker at a funeral home in Wuhan has reportedly made the disturbing claims as Chinese authorities have reported death toll still raise. crematoriums … Read more

Chinese Tourists in Australia Rush to Extend Their Visas So They Can’t Return Home

Chinese Tourists Rush to Extend Their Visas So They Can Stay and Can’t Return Home Chinese tourists in Australia rush to extend their visas to avoid heading home to Wuhan, China where coronavirus has killed 563 people. The 2019 novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, a city with 11 million people is under lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly … Read more

Wuhan Coronavirus Likely To Become Pandemic, Experts Say

Experts Believe Wuhan Coronavirus Is Likely To Become A Pandemic WUHAN CORONAVIURS PANDEMIC – According to many of the world’s leading experts in infectious diseases, the Wuhan coronavirus is likely to become a pandemic. The deadly virus that has plagued China had already killed at least 361 people and infected over 17,238 others. Because of … Read more

Ukay Ukay Imports From Wuhan Monitored By Customs

Customs On High Alert For Ukay-Ukay Imports From Wuhan UKAY-UKAY IMPORTS FROM WUHAN – The Bureau of Customs said it is on high alert and monitoring shipments of used clothing or “ukay-ukay” coming from Wuhan. Amidst the outbreak of the new Wuhan virus, the Bureau of Customs said they were not taking chances. The virus … Read more

Death Toll For Wuhan Virus Rises 213, Confirmed Cases Over 9000

Wuhan Virus Death Toll Rises To 213 With Over 9000 Cases Confirmed DEATH TOLL FOR WUHAN VIRUS – According to health authorities from China, the death toll for the new Wuhan coronavirus had reached 213 with over 9000 cases confirmed. As the number of confirmed cases continued to rise, the World Health Organization (WHO) had … Read more

Countries Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan As PH Welcomes Chinese

Countries Begin To Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan While Chinese Tourist Roam PH COUNTRIES EVACUATE CITIZENS FROM WUHAN – Global alarm continued to rise amidst the massive outbreak of the new Wuhan coronavirus. In just under 24 hours, the virus had killed 169 people and infected more than 1000 more. Because of this, countries have begun … Read more