Claudine Barretto Makes Cryptic Post After Rumored Tension w/ Marjorie

Post of Claudine Barretto After Rumored Tension w/ Marjorie Barretto Hooks Attention

CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Actress Claudine Barretto took to the social media a cryptic post after the rumored tension between her and Marjorie Barretto.

Currently, the wake of Miguel Barretto is being held. It was on October 15 when the Barretto patriarch passed away. His daughter, actress Claudine Barretto, has shared on social media a video taken at the hospital.

Miguel was confined at St. Luke’s Medical Center for around two (2) weeks. He was at the house of Marjorie Barretto for his birthday celebration when the elder Barretto fell ill.

His family brought him to the hospital. For several days, his children and grandchildren were spotted coming to the hospital to visit and take care of him.

On Tuesday, Miguel Barretto passed away. Love and expressions of sympathy showered upon the Barretto family in these trying times of their lives.

Gretchen Barretto who has been distant from her family for several years over issues, came to the wake of her dad Miguel Barretto. After so many years, she and her mom, Estrella “Inday” Barretto, hugged each other.

However, according to Gretchen, Marjorie was not happy that she was there. The latter allegedly refused to shake her hand. Rumors state that because of it, Claudine confronted Marjorie.

The Barretto sisters allegedly fought in front of their father’s coffin. Nieces and nephews tried to intervene and stop them.

Following the rumored tension between her and Marjorie Barretto, Claudine Barretto took a cryptic post on social media. She this question:

The Instagram post of Claudine caught the attention of the netizens on social media. Here are some of the comments:

@liarungirl: “Praying for love peace understanding in your hearts God loves you all”

@shielafloreslima: “family is LOVE don’t lose hope mag kakabati din kau lahat”

@mccortez8: “Punong puno na ng mga galit ang puso… Sana balang araw mag ayos na kayong lahat…”

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