Barretto Sisters Fought In Front Of Father’s Coffin After Gretchen Visited Wake

Barretto sisters allegedly confront each other in front of their father.

BARRETTO SISTERS – Marjorie, Claudine, and Gretchen allegedly made a scene during their father’s wake in an ugly turn of event when the latter visited.

In a previous article, everyone was saddened upon hearing the great loss of the Barretto clan for losing the patriarch of their family as confirmed by Claudine Barretto through an Instagram post. Everyone extended their condolences to them.

And among the personalities who visited the wake is President Rodrigo Duterte and then followed by Gretchen Barretto whose presence is much-awaited knowing that has this long-time misunderstanding with her parents. She came to her mother and received a long and tight hug.

However, based on an entertainment website, the visit of Greta did not turned out to be as peaceful and as pleasant. Greta arrived after President Duterte and the president himself attempted to reconcile Gretchen and Marjorie. But Marjorie declined indicating their feud is something deep and did not shook hands with Gretchen. And everyone surely knows where it was coming from.

And when Claudine came, the commotion started. In front of their father’s coffin, Claudine confronted Marjorie for what she did was a big disappointment. It all started until their nieces and nephews get in to stop the argument and throwing of accusations.

A daughter of JJ accordingly accidentally pushed Greta and Greta in return, pulled and twisted her niece in the hair. Leon was able to stop the commotion when he found the courage to raised his voice and stated to respect the Barretto’s patriarch as they were fighting front of his coffin as per the source.


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