Matet De Leon’s Selfie Elicits Reaction From Claudine Barretto

Matet de Leon, Claudine Barretto

Here’s Claudine Barretto’s Reaction To Matet de Leon’s Selfie MATET DE LEON – Filipino actress, singer, and entrepreneur Claudine Barretto reacted to Matet de Leon’s selfie. Matet De Leon is a Pinay actress and entrepreneur. She began her career as a child star. The actress was adopted by “Superstar” Nora Aunor and ex-husband, actor Christopher … Read more

Marjorie Barretto Slimmer Figure Earns Social Media Attention

Marjorie Barretto

Netizens were left gushing when Marjorie Barretto shared these new photos of her. MARJORIE BARRETTO – Former actress and television personality Marjorie Barretto set many people abuzz because of her new photos. Losing weight is one of the things people found difficult to achieve. Every new year, this is also many people’s resolution but not … Read more

Diether Ocampo On Possible Reunion w/ Claudine Barretto

Diether Ocampo was asked about Claudine Barretto Actor Diether Ocampo reacted to the possibility of having a reunion project with Optimum Star Claudine Barretto. Diether and Claudine have worked together on several TV projects. In 1998, they were featured in the series Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita with Rico Yan. A year after that, the … Read more

Claudine Barretto Asks For Prayers For Her Operation

Claudine Barretto

In an Instagram post, Claudine Barretto revealed that she has an operation. CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Optimum actress Claudine Barretto asked for prayers in her latest Instagram post when she was about to have her operation. In a previous article, the photo of Optimum actress Claudine Barretto in a hospital caught the attention of many people … Read more

Claudine Barretto Hospital Photos Elicit Intriguing Comments

claudine barretto

Claudine Barretto shared that she was hospitalized Optimum Star Claudine Barretto shared her recent photos showing that she was hospitalized and these elicited intriguing comments. Claudine had her showbiz comeback after taking a break for several years. Although she was not that active in the entertainment industry for a long time, she still active on … Read more

Claudine Barretto & Raymart Santiago Trending Because Of This

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago

Former married couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are trending topics online. CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Netizens online are gushing about Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago due to this past issue. In 2012, reports about the brawl that happened between Ramon Tulfo and a couple back then Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto surprised many and spread … Read more

VIDEO: Dani Barretto Recalls Fond Memories W/ Rico Yan

Dani Barretto, Rico Yan

Dani Barretto Recalls Bond W/ Late Actor Rico Yan DANI BARRETTO – Vlogger-entrepreneur Dani Barretto generously shared some of her fond memories with the former boyfriend of her aunt Claudine Barretto, who is Rico Yan. Dani Barretto is Marjorie Barretto’s daughter with her former partner Kier Legaspi. She is the eldest among her siblings Julia … Read more

Dennis Padilla Isn’t Ready To Forgive Julia Barretto Either

Dennis Padilla, Julia Barretto 2

Dennis Padilla Is Also Not Ready To Forgive Julia Barretto DENNIS PADILLA – Actor Dennis Padilla said he is also not ready to forgive his daughter Julia Barretto. Actor Dennis Padilla has 3 kids with Marjorie Barretto: Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Claudia Barretto. His strained relationship with his children earlier made headlines after he … Read more

Claudine Barretto Appeals to Dennis Padilla to Stop Talking to Julia

Claudine Barretto is Implored Dennis Padilla to Stop Talking to Julia Actress Claudine Barretto appealed to comedian-actor Dennis Padilla to stop talking to her daughter Julia Barretto due to this reason. Julia Barretto, the daughter of Marjorie Barretto, Claudine’s older sister, and the estranged daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla. In an Instagram post, Claudine, Julia’s … Read more