Philippine History – Untold Stories That Happened For Real In The Past

Real and untold stories from the Philippine history.

PHILIPPINE HISTORY – Here are some of the real and untold stories from the Philippines history which you probably don’t know yet.

The Philippine history is so rich that some stories remained untold in schools. Whatever happened in the past of the country, the result is today – the present. And to know some underlying truths about the country’s past, here are some events that will probably give you the chills.

Philippine History

Here are some spine-chilling stories from the past:

  • Clarita Villanueva
    She is an 18-year-old from Bacolod City where her exorcism in 1953 has reached the world and this incident is one of those which are considered as the “most legit” case of demonic possession.
  • Japanese Occupation Horror
    What everyone thought as hell during World War II when Japanese occupied the country is even worse and the word horrifying to describe it is an understatement. A Japanese veteran once confessed how his comrades in the country would kill innocent civilians – women and children – as if they were “just killing insects.”  On February 12, 1945, 2,000 people in Calamba were killed and old men were strangled to death because it was way cheaper than using rifles and bullets. A lot more dreadful incidents happened under the Japanese occupation.
  • Nuclear Bomb
    On December 5, 1965, United States Navy Douglas A-4E Skyhawk an attack jet maneuvered by American pilot Lieutenant Douglas M. Webster accidentally let go of a nuclear weapon, a Mk. 43 free-fall bomb which accordingly contains a megaton’s worth of nuclear explosive and it still missing.
  • Japanese Cannibalism
    The book Hidden Horrors: Japanese War Crimes authored by Toshiyuki Tanaka indicated cannibalistic activities initiated by the Japanese soldiers during the World War II and some who consumed human flesh were not even hungry at all. According to Manila Bulletin, it was used as a “power projection tool” or a way to build “nerves of steel” for the soldiers.


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