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Here are the things that Android phones can do that iPhones cannot

Android phones can do these things that iPhones cannot as they are the two top operating systems when it comes to smartphones.

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Here is the list.

Android can download apps from a vetted environment
Phones running the Android OS can download directly from the apps’ website aside from Google Play. On the other hand, iPhones, run by iOS, can only download from its App Store. Apple, the maker of iPhones, defended that they did this to prevent Malware to affect the device.

Charge with a micro USB-C cable
Android fans can charge using a standard micro USB-C cable. According to Andrew Moore-Crispin, the Director of Content at Ting Mobile, “These cables are ubiquitous, so grabbing a spare or replacing a broken cable is simple and inexpensive.” Apple has the Lightning cable that is only intended to iPhones.

Multiple users
According to the article from Reader’s Digest, one difference between Android phones and iPhones is the option of having multiple users in just one phone. Android has this while iPhones do not. “This is handy if you want to let the kids use your phone, but you don’t want them messing any of your stuff up,” Moore-Crispin explained.

Using the 3.5 mm headphone jack
Before iPhone 7 came out, Apple devices were using the 3.5 mm headphone jack but they ditch this in 2016. iPhone users are now using the Lightning connector, an adapter, or wireless AirPods. Androids are still sticking with the once-ubiquitous headphone connector, according to More-Crispin.

More default options
Androids give more options to the users when it comes to customization. “Android is far from the wild frontier, but it does let users take a lot more control,” More-Crispin said. On the hand, iPhone users are walled and they can’t really explore outside the bounds. Users of Android phones can customize the home screen with widgets showing the weather, your calendar, or news headlines, etc…, in an instance.

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