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Know these smartphone tips about factors that are draining your battery

SMARTPHONE TIPS – Here are the factors that actually contribute to the reason why your battery life is quickly draining.

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#1 Bad service

When you are at a place where there is a bad reception, your phone is trying to reconnect you which easily drains your battery. “While your phone is hanging around in your pocket, it’s constantly sending and receiving signals from nearby towers. In a way, it’s asking the nearby towers ‘Can you hear me?’ and if the tower can’t, the cell phone will try to send the message again with increased power,” former U.S. army electronic warfare specialist Kyle Logue said.

In order to address this, you can switch to airplane mode when you are in areas with bad service, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

#2 Alerts from many applications

If you install an application and allow the push notification, you will periodically receive an alert. Logue said, “each time you install a new application and enable push notifications, you are allowing that application to periodically check to see if there is a new notification to show to you on your home screen.” This is even worse when you have more applications installed on your phone. You can turn off this by clicking the Settings and go to Notifications and just choose what app you want to notify you.


#3 Bluetooth is always on

There are phones that automatically set the Bluetooth on. “Having GPS and Bluetooth turned on makes your phone battery work harder because that is an active process that requires power. Don’t need it? Shut it off,” wireless telecom career and business strategist Mike McRitchie said. Be sure to turn off your Bluetooth if you are not using it.

#4 Frequent phone calls

Phone calls use a large amount of your battery power. “Calling uses quite a bit of power. It uses much more of the available network’s capacity and also has to power up the sound element that is not in play with texting or emailing,” McRitchie explained.

#5 Taking a lot of photos and videos

It is a natural trait of people to take photos and videos, especially when traveling or during a memorable event. However, this can drain the battery faster. MacRitchie said, “Be very careful with video because that can shrink the available battery very rapidly when compared with even the camera.” In order to save some power, activate the airplane mode while taking photos or videos.

#6 Using many apps with GEO-locators

You can disable the “location finding” in several apps in Settings. GPS can be useful to know your current location when you are in an unfamiliar place but there are also apps that have been using this option. McRitchie suggested to “bring a backup power source or use your car charger to keep your phone charged, such as when you’re using the mapping app for driving directions. Or when driving, download ahead of time to use the map offline.” 

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#7 Frigid temperatures can affect your battery

Whether it is too cold or too hot, it will still affect your phone. Cold temp can also affect the camera of your phone while overheating it can also drain the battery faster than expected.

#8 You are using an old phone

The age of your phone or the year when it was first released could also be a factor why your battery drains faster. As technology continues to develop, smartphone companies are now using irremovable batteries unlike those time of Nokia brick batteries, based on the article.

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