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What are the things we need to know about the Jerusalem Syndrome?

JERUSALEM SYNDROME – Here are some of the things we need to know about this rare condition and a strange mental disorder – Jerusalem Syndrome.

One of the most rare mental condition is the Jerusalem Syndrome where some people who go to this city turn insane for some apparent and mysterious reasons. Those who are affected gets affected regardless of their religion but some say that mostly, Christians are the ones who get inflicted.

Jerusalem Syndrome

Jerusalem Syndrome has the following symptoms according to Dr. Yair Bar-El:

  • anxiety
  • leaving then going to Jerusalem by himself or herself
  • obsession with cleansing and feeling pure – baths, showers, grooming
  • oddly wearing a white gown made of a bed sheet
  • singing or shouting verses from the Bible or religious songs
  • marching to a holy place
  • delivering a sermon in said holy place
Jerusalem Syndrome

Moreover, there are three types of patients who suffers this rare condition:

  1. Person who already has a history of a psychiatric mental illness even before visiting the Holy Land.
  2. Person who has deep religious belief.
  3. Person with no mental illness background at all but gets inflicted while visiting the Jerusalem. However, they recover as soon as they are taken out of the place.
Jerusalem Syndrome

How persons with this mental disorder are treated?

  • Accordingly, people who suffers this condition is brought to Kfar Shaul, a psychiatric hospital. And the doctors there say that once a person showcase possible symptoms of this disorder, take them out away from the city and bring them to their family immediately.


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