‘Idol Philippines’: These Four Singers Were Supposed To Be The Judges?

These 4 singers were supposed to the judges of Idol Philippines?

How true is it that these four singers were supposed to be the judges of the Kapamilya talent show Idol Philippines?

The said show is being hosted by Billy Crawford and the judges are Regine Velasquez, Moira dela Torre, Vice Ganda, and James Reid.

In spite of its popularity, the show is still receiving negative feedback. Some viewers are attacking how the four judges are judging the contestants.

idol philippines judges
Photo source: ABS-CBN

Previously, netizens have been expressing hate comments as they do not agree to the decisions of the judges. Some even pointed out that the only credible judge in Idol Philippines is the Songbird.

There are some who are demanding the show to change the judges and they have their own choices who deserve to be there.

Even prominent director Jose Javier Reyes suggested a few names that he thinks will be credible to judge aspiring singers.

jose javier reyes
Photo source: IMDb

Though he was bashed about this even after apologizing, a lot of netizens showed support to his suggestion to replace the judges.

Allegedly, the four judges in the show were not the original set of judges. According to a post from Philippine trends and news Facebook Page, the original judges were supposed to be Regine Velasquez, Kuh Ledesma, Erik Santos at Jose Marie Chan.

Based on the post, these 4 singers represent each other’s era in the music industry: 70’s – Jose marie Chan, 80’s – Kuh Ledesma, 90’s – Regine, 2000’s – Erik Santos.

idol philippines supposed to be judges
Photo source: Philippine trends and news FB Page

However, the post also stated that during the finalization, only Regine was retained as judge and the rest were changed.

Allegedly, James and Moira became the judges of Idol Philippines because they are close to Vice Ganda.

Here is the post.

screenshot from Philippine trends and news FB Page

What can you say about this?

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