13th-Month Pay: What Will You Do With Your 13th Month Pay this December 2018?

Many People To Receive 13th Month Pay this December 2018

13TH MONTH PAY – What are you planning to do with the 13th month pay that you will be receiving this December 2018?

The month of December is fast approaching and there are a lot of things that many people are excited about. The list undeniably includes receiving a 13th month pay during the Holiday season.

The said pay or also called as “bonus” is usually given to employees on the 12th month of the year, not later than December 24. It is pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 851.

Undeniably, for December 2018, the 13th month pay is much-awaited by many employees. Some make plans on what to do with it once it arrives like having the house repaired or treating the whole family on a shopping.

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Many people also spend a part of their 13th month pay on buying gifts for their loved ones. December is a gift-giving month wherein Christmas and New Year is celebrated. Shopping sales go left and right.

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Some people also do take the time for reflection that is why they spend their 13th month pay on a travel before the year ends. This usually goes for single individuals who like to explore new places, meet new people, or simply take a good time with nature.

For the part of the parents, usually, the Christmas bonus is spent on the needs and wants of the children. Kids would be attending their Christmas parties and they have to buy gifts, food, and clothes for them.

How about you? What will you do with your 13th month pay this December 2018? Feel free to leave your answers, reactions, or thoughts through comments below.

May everyone have a blessed and joyful December 2018 and be truly spiritually-prepared as the Christmas season approaches.

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