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1:36 AM June 7, 2018

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Kris Aquino has a response to Mocha Uson who refused to issue an apology.

KRIS AQUINO – The Aquino and Uson online tiff continues as Kris Aquino clapped back to the PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson who refused to issue an apology for her controversial post.

Did Kris Aquino just accept defeat after Mocha Uson refused to humble herself for posting a controversial video of her father?

Aquino has always emphasized not to cross the line especially when it comes to her family and sons but Mocha Uson seemingly never heard it.

“Binalahura mo na ang buong pagkatao ng pamilya namin,” Kris wrote in her Instagram post when Uson posted a clip of her father taken minutes before he was assassinated defenseless.

Kris Aquino

“I am giving you fair warning, isa pa na bastusin o babuyin mo ang tatay o ang nanay ko, magtutuos tayo.”

Furthermore, “This is a direct challenge to you. Text me, you can find my number, it’s so easy. Name the place, name the location, let’s carry it live. Bring all your followers…. I can stand alone.”

But Mocha refuses to apologize as she said in a Facebook post“This is not about Kris Aquino. Tungkol ito sa paglagay ng malisya sa isang halik. Itinumbas lang sa gawain ng ibang lider tulad ng tatay niya.”

Kris Aquino

Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Mocha Uson Blog

“Ms. Aquino, this is not about you,” Uson reiterated.

Thus, without any intentions of giving up not doing anything to defend her parents, Kris Aquino clapped back to Uson in another live feed in her most calm condition.

She reviewed Mocha’s video twice and refuted the statements that it was not about her reasoning out that if it is about her parents, it will still always be about her because she is the flesh and blood of them.

Kris Aquino

Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino

Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Kris Aquino

Kris also replayed the video of Special Assistant to President Bong Go apologizing in behalf of Uson.

She explained as wanted to end this, “Mocha, you win. You win because you hurt me. And I think that’s what you wanted to do. Nanalo ka dahil patuloy mong inapakapakan ang pagkatao, ang alaala ng dalawang taong pinakamamahal ko.

Yung sinabi ko na hindi kita uurungan? Nag-dasal ako and na-realize ko, ‘Bakit pa?’ Mocha did not want to fix the issue, so why bother to fight? From our point of view, it was a lost cause and there’s no point in Kris wasting her energy.

Watch the full video below:

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