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Empoy Marquez on his Physical Appearance: ‘Kung ano po iyong ibinigay ni God sa akin, yun po ako’

Empoy Marquez Expresses Contentment Over His Physical Appearance

EMPOY MARQUEZ – Comedian and Kita Kita star Empoy Marquez expressed his contentment over the physical appearance that was given to him by the Almighty.

Based on a previous report, social media sensation Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford has posted on his social media account a photo of him and Empoy Marquez with a caption asking the public who among them is more handsome.

The post hooked the attention of netizens and it gathered different reactions. Xander Ford was previously bashed for his physical appearance which prompted him to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Through the help of Dr. Eric Yapjuanco of the Icon Clinic, a change in the physical appearance of Xander is now visible. However, despite his new face, there are still netizens who keep on posting negative comments towards the former Hasht5 member.

Empoy Marquez Star Magic Ball

Screenshot from Instagram: @manny.halasan

Meanwhile, based on a report in Pep, Empoy Marquez recently expressed that he is contented with his physical appearance.

According to the 36-year-old actor-comedian, undergoing a cosmetic surgery never crossed his mind. He said that if that happens, he is no longer Empoy.

“Kung ano po iyong ibinigay ni God sa akin, yun po ako,” Empoy said during the press conference of his new film, The Barker.

Based on the report, the actor-comedian was also asked during the presscon if there are changes in himself after the Kita Kita became a hit.

Empoy jested that his hair was changed.

“Ngayon po, mas mukhang tomboy na po ako ngayon,” he jested.

Meanwhile, on the serious tone, the actor-comedian expressed that many have changed but he owes all those changes to God. According to him, what can be seen in him right now are blessings of the Almighty to him.

“Nagpapasalamat po ako sa pagkakataong yun,” he expressed based on the report.

Kita Kita is a film starred by Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi. It is considered as one of the hit films releases this year. Their on-screen tandem has even hooked lots of fans and supporters who dubbed their love team as ‘Alempoy’.

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  • chellmeeh October 13, 2017, 12:45 am

    Those are the reasons why Empoy don’t need surgeries or anything to enhance his personality. His good character as a godly-man,his humilty,simplicity,and humor…makes him a lovable man.

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