Xander Ford Knocked Out in a Boxing Match Against Makagwapo

Xander Ford Loses in a Boxing Match and Got Knocked Out By Makagwapo Social media influencer Xander Ford got knocked out during his boxing match with Christian Merck Grey aka Makagwapo. On the Battle of the YouTubers, Xander comes up short in the boxing battle. It should be noted that the dispute between Xander and … Read more

Xander Ford Visits Private Resort That Costs P12-20k/ Night Despite Financial Struggles

Xander Ford

Xander Ford Allegedly Stays at Private Resort That Costs P12-20k/ Night Xander Ford spends time with his family at a private resort that costs P12-20,000 per night despite his financial struggles. Previously, Xander Ford openly admitted to facing severe financial challenges, expressing his frustrations to his followers. He acknowledged being buried in debt and even … Read more

Xander Arizala’s Crying Video Elicits Reaction From Makagwapo

Xander Arizala, AwitGamer, Makagwapo

Makagwapo Pokes Fun At Xander Arizala Crying Video XANDER ARIZALA – Christian Merck Grey, also known as Makagwapo poked fun at Xander Arizala’s crying video. Marlou Arizala a.k.a. Xander Ford recently aired his frustration online. At first, he was vague about the people he had anticipated attending his son’s baptism but who never showed up. … Read more

VIDEO: AwitGamer Says Xander Arizala Is Not “Mukhang Pera”

Awitgamer, Xander Arizala 1

Xander Arizala Is Not ‘Mukhang Pera’ Says AwitGamer AWITGAMER – Gaming video creator AwitGamer said his friend Xander Arizala is not “mukhang pera.” Xander Arizala has enlisted the help of a well-known social media personality, AwitGamer, to get the ₱349k promised to him by the godfather of his son’s baptism, which is vlogger Christian Merck … Read more

Xander Arizala Disappointed By Makagwapo’s Response

Xander Arizala, Makagwapo

Here’s Xander Arizala’s Disappointed Reaction To Makagwapo’s Response XANDER ARIZALA – Social media personality Xander Arizada is disappointed by Makagwapo’s response. Social media personality Marlou Arizala a.k.a. Xander Ford expressed his disappointment online. He was initially cryptic about the persons he expected to come to his son’s baptism but did not come. Christian Merck Grey, … Read more

Xander Ford Issue About “Binyag”: Makagwapo Breaks Silence

Xander Ford

Makagwapo addresses the issue regarding the claims of Xander Ford against him. XANDER FORD – Social media personality Xander Ford revealed that Makagwapo owes him a huge amount of money for his baby’s baptism. Former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala also known as “Xander Ford” aired his disappointment online. Based on a previous article, he was initially … Read more

Xander Ford Promotes ‘Gambling’ to Followers Amid Controversy

Xander Ford

Social Media Infuencer Xander Ford Receives Backlash Online for Promoting ‘Gambling’ to Followers Amid Controversy Influencer Xander Ford Arizala recently faced backlash from netizens after a Facebook post where he encouraged people to “gamble” for a chance to win money. This came as Arizala made another public appeal to Christian Merck Grey, also known as … Read more